How Much Sugar is too Much?

Sugar and Your Kids

There is a place for sugar in our diets. It is essential to have some and it provides quick energy. There is an old adage, which states everything in moderation. Parents need to become familiar with this wise old saying particularly when it comes to sugar. Having one or perhaps two high sugar snacks without much in the way of vitamins per day while not the wisest thing; it is not particularly dangerous. But many kids do not stop there. Some are munching on four or five of these sugar-laden treats at a time. New studies have shown this to be dangerous. And it’s not just parents who let the kiddos have candy bars. Even on the health food aisle, many snacks, cereals, and chips on the shelves have an extreme amount of sugar.

Too Much Can Be Scary

The average person takes in twice the amount of sugar a day than what is recommended by the government. This average triples for children. An authority, the medical journal of Pediatrics has stated that sodas containing high amounts of sugar may cause heart palpitations, strokes, and even sudden death. The report goes on the say that it is believed by physicians that sugar should be regulated the same way tobacco and alcohol are. High sugar intake can also lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. Because the body is wired to crave some sugar, foods very high in sugar are desirable to people. This is natural. The fact is, your body knows it can get the most sugar from a candy bar. It is up to us to teach our children to train their minds to know what the body needs vs. what their body “thinks” it needs.

All Sugar is NOT Equal

Oranges, other citrus fruits, bananas, cherries and many other fruits can help keep your child healthy while giving them that sweet satisfaction. These help through processes called synergy and bioavailability. In a nutshell, these foods help the body absorb Iron, which is necessary for your child to have energy and to keep growing. Candy will provide the sugar but afterward, there is no substance to it like the fiber, vitamins, and minerals found in natural sugar sources.

What’s To Be Done? Healthy Options Are Equally Accessible

First, of course, parents need to get a handle on what their kids are snacking on. Discourage them from downing too many snacks en masse’. There are a myriad of healthy things kiddos can be ingesting for a quick buzz of energy during that afternoon slump. Oranges are chock full of quick energy. Don’t believe me? Just ask a diabetic who has a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. A glass of orange juice will almost immediately bring their sugar levels up to proper numbers. In addition, it gives them a euphoric rush of energy that could help them with their high energy activities. Keep some fruits on hand and the next time you see your kids reach for a sweet snack and give them a piece of fruit or some juice. They will be happy, and you will be happy. A great state between you and your child.