About Us

School Smarts was established in 2013, so we are still fairly new.  Originally, we had the idea to provide high-quality learning posters to children all over the USA. 

Little did we know that in less than 2 years and with much hard work that we would become a recognized brand name on Amazon.com. Together our posters have garnished thousands of positive reviews and they have become a staple in many schools across the USA.

Since 2013 we have expanded our line to offer much more than posters and we now sell in other countries around the world.  We are also proud to be the sponsor of many sports teams and children's programs locally and abroad.  

What began as a vision to bring high-quality learning aids to the public has now become a pledge to make a huge mark on the world and change many lives through education.  Our motto is "Life is Learning" and our goal is to spread a love of learning wherever and whenever we can.

Thanks for visiting our website and reading this.  Your support is well appreciated!