1320 Multi-colored Happy Face Stickers 3/8 inch Diameter

Happy Face Stickers In Use

Looking for incentive stickers to reward your child or student's hard work and great effort? Well, look no more.  School Smarts Mini Smiley Face Stickers are wonderful for showing your child that he or she has achieved something great, something to be proud of.

  • 1320 Mega Pack of Happy Face Stickers 3/8 inch in diameter is non-toxic and acid-free.
  • Mini Multi-Colored Smiley Face Stickers with multi-uses including as a reward or incentive for good behavior and or a great effort.
  • Happy Face Stickers can be used by teachers and parents to acknowledge a job well done. These mini achievement stickers pack a big punch and can really help to improve a child's self-esteem.
  • Teachers can use these small stickers in the classroom for assignments and academic tasks.
  • Parents can use these reward stickers for the same or for household things like chores. 

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