Simple Ways to Bond With Your Child

Connecting With Your Kids Daily

Kids and adults can get to feeling distanced from each other up during busy days. Sometimes when the house has gotten quiet, you look back and realize that there was not one “real” moment all day. The ultimate goal of our busy lives is for us to make a go of having a decent life together. So, when life gets a little busy, how do you make sure everyone can feel the “together” part?


Get Out Together

This time of year, you can find a list of community activities like a Winter in the park set-up or a community light event to take them to. Let them get out where they can see and hear, taste and smell. Check your local library which should be chalk full of holiday events. This will give you a break from the craziness and implant wonderful memories of the holidays. Going forward, just keep your eye out for flyers or bulletin boards advertising events for the month. If the kids are older, community plays and special events might be more in line. Get a handle on what everyone enjoys and make it a priority to do something once a week or so.

Stay In

Do not get so busy and stressed out that you forget to have some fun at home as well. Hand your toddler the spoon before you mix the eggs in those cookies and let them get to be a mess. Chase them all the way down the hall for a good tickle before plunking them in the bathtub. You will be rewarded with lots of smiles and will find yourself feeling more lighthearted. For the older ones, set up a fun night and have everyone eat pancakes in their pajamas for dinner, make up a popcorn snack bar for a family movie night, or schedule a walk in a nice park.

For the Little Ones

Find fun games to play with little ones, or invent ways to exercise or be active together with the kids. Alternating between high-energy activities and easy games helps children remain on an even keel. Too many hectic experiences can stress young ones, and make them irritable. Exercising and getting outdoors releases good energy, chases away the blahs and instills a sense of togetherness. 

In The End

The real key is the association. You do not want your kids to connect their home with stress and anxiety. With so much to watch out for in today’s world, each and every one of us needs to have a safe place with our favorite people to make some memories with. The big conversations will come more naturally when you are relaxed during the small ones. When your teen is brooding in their room in 10 years, you will really wish you had handled things differently. Make sure they feel the joyful, lightheartedness of the family home by making their day-to-day experiences pleasant, stress-free ones.