Fruits and Veggies Is Your Child Getting Enough?

As parents, we all want the best for our children and we will do everything it takes to ensure that they get the best in every aspect of their lives as they grow up. Our child's growth begins with the food they eat and the environment they are in, to the all-around support given to them.

Talking about the food they eat, studies have shown that most kids in the early stage of their life, lack important nutrients.  This is because either parents don't really know the importance of fruits and veggies and how they help the growth process of kids, or they do, but their children are very reluctant to eat the fruits and vegetables. If a random poll were to be taken, you would consistently see a majority of parents with the same complaint – their children just don’t want to eat fruits and especially vegetables.


How important are fruits and veggies to your child's diet?

You may already know that a balanced diet should be comprised of fruits and vegetables because they contain important nutrients for your child's growth like vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Kids should be educated about these benefits and given examples of how they may feel when they are lacking. We know fruits come in a rainbow of colors and you can have fun exploring some of these combinations with your children. Instead of sugary snacks and fast foods, fruits and veggies provide your child with a great source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fiber and offer the following benefits for your child's growth.

  • Promotion of good health and protection against various forms of disease, not only now but also in the future.
  • Ensures healthy growth and development for your child.
  • Fruits and veggies contain nutrients that can help in the prevention of chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases.
  • The fiber contained in fruits and vegetables promote healthy functioning of the digestive system and the bowels.


Some ways to fit these fruits and veggies into your child's daily diet.

It is important to make eating fruits and veggies fun for your kid's so that they will enjoy consuming fruits and vegetables in their daily meals.

  • You could make interesting shapes out of fruits and vegetables by using a cookie cutter or fashioning them into an interesting shape with your knife.
  • You could blend the fruits and vegetables into a smoothie or a sauce. Some children just have an issue with eating fruits or veggies whole but once they are blended up they don’t mind it.
  • Include 2 fruits instead of one in their lunch but make more of a treat like a fruit roll-up made from 100% real fruit juice.
  • Add fruit or vegetable puree to baked goods.
  • Finally, be an example. Our kids tend to learn from us and if we model the type of behavior we want to see them adopt this is more powerful than just telling them.


The main takeaway here is to consistently work on new ways to almost trick your resistant kids into doing what’s good for them.  You can’t force food down their throats, but you can educate them about the importance of certain foods to their quality of life, make food preparation fun and disguise the healthy stuff so they don’t even notice it amongst their favorite treats.